The best thing about summer are the sunny days, beaches, vacations, and many other sunny activities. Now that summer is almost over, we still got to make sure that we look like we have been going to the beach every day! Otherwise, we look like vampires throughout the year. To make sure we don't look like blood-suckers, the best thing to do is to purchase a good long lasting spray tan.

To make sure you choose the best tanning products in the market, we are going to review a few for you.

Sally Beauty Salon Bronze Air Tanning System $12.99

A good tanner is great to get that celebrity-glowing skin! This is unbelievably one of the greatest and cheapest spray tanners. This tanning system will never get you look orange like you know... somebody in the White House. It provides a very natural deep tan to the skin with no streaking.

It has a 360 degree mist applicator, is designed to make an easy application. This beautiful airbrush tanning spray will last about 5 to 7 days, and its price is the most surprising thing because it's only $12.99!

Banana Boat Self-Tanning Spray $20.92

This self-tanning spray is suitable for all skin tones. The self-tanning sprays are designed for beginners and most of them provide an any-angle spray like this Banana Boat tanning spray, which it will make the application easier and faster.

Every tanning girl looks for a tanner that will dry up as fast as possible, this Banana tanning spray has the great features of quick-drying and even rub-free; so you will feel safe every step of the way with that beautiful glowing skin! This spray tan will last about a week.

Airbrush Tanning Solution

lavishtan Organic Airbrush Tanning Solution $160.00

Now, for those who are looking for a beautiful airbrush solution for their tanning business this is a great option to consider! This unique airbrush tanning solution is only made from organic ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, green tea extract and many others. This tanning solution lasts about 7-10 successful days and it fades evenly. This solution comes in a 128oz gallon, which it will provide more than 60 spray tans on different types of skin! You can take your business to another level by updating your spray tan game.

Long Lasting Spray Tan

Hempz So Bronze Sunless Airbrush Tanning Spray $22.53

This will provide a golden glow to your skin without any orange tones. Also, while giving the tan you want, it has antioxidants and conditioners; which they will help you to give a wonderful and youthful finish look. It will dry up in less than 5 minutes, allowing you to put on clothes without staining them. After you have applied this tanning spray, it will develop within 2-4 hours, and it will last more than a week!

Airbrush Tanning Spray

Suntana Spray Tan 'Famous Five' $49.99

This Airbrush Suntana Spray Tan will provide you five different types of tanning. Each one has a different percent of DHA, which, depending on the percent it will give you the tanning you need.

Coconut Fragranced Light Tan - This tan will give you the desired 'sun-kissed' look. It will give you that light glow like you just got out of the beach on an evening. Formulated with only %8 percent of DHA. This tanner is recommended for light and medium skin tones.

Cherry Fragranced Medium Tan - This tan is formulated with 10% of DHA. Mostly recommended for medium tone skin.

Chocolate Fragranced Dark Tan - Great for medium skin tone for those who want a darker finish look. Created with 12% of DHA.

Blackberry Fragranced After-Dark Tan - This is the darkest shade of the tanners, it has a 14% of DHA. This tanner is for those who desire the darkest look. It's recommended for the melanin queens who want a darker tanned shade.

Strawberry & Vanilla Fast Tan - This tanner speaks for itself. It will tan you as quick as possible, this is for emergency occasions when you need a tan but you're running late!