In 1999, HAVEN’s Community Education Program was looking to develop a child
friendly program to engage young students in a discussion surrounding the topic
of child sexual abuse. The goal was to make learning about a serious
topic fun It was suggested that a character/mascot would also help young
students retain the core safety messages of the program.

HAVEN received a grant of $10,000 from the Hudson’s Foundation to begin work
developing HAVEN’s first mascot. Hoping to create an instant association with
the agency name, Community Education decided that HAVEN’s first mascot
would be a raven. The mascot was named Daisy in honor of Hudson’s and their
well-known annual Daisy Sale.

During 2000 Daisy’s story was written; her costumes designed, classroom scripts
crafted and give aways were created. Hudson’s Foundation granted HAVEN
additional funds for the project.

On September 21, 2000 Daisy was “hatched”. It is a significant day as it marked
25 years of service for HAVEN. Daisy’s hatching occurred in a series of 20-minute
shows over a two-day period at the Detroit Zoo. Zoo patrons
watched as Daisy hatched from a life size egg to present safety messages,
coloring sheets and stickers. Children learned about personal body safety and
ownership all in a fun and non-threatening presentation.

Daisy Today

Daisy is a part of HAVEN’s education program for young children called “Helping
Kids Help Themselves”. The program teaches children ages 4-8 about body
ownership, good and bad touches and what to do if someone touches them

HAVEN offers the program throughout Oakland County and surrounding
communities, at schools, day care centers, and religious institutions and through
pre-kindergarten Safety Town programs.